Colorado Horse Back Trail Rides
Trial Rides

The adventure begins at the trailhead. You will be introduced to your pony and be given a few brief pointers. The horse knows the trail and is eager to give you a nice ride. When everyone gets situated in the saddle and your guide starts up the trail, you will find yourself gripping the reins in anticipation.

As the day slowly unfolds and you get embraced by the blue spruce, quaking aspen and the sound of running streams, something subtle begins to happen. That 'something' is the magic of the mountains and the Colorado wilderness. It is an experience few can describe. Some may attempt it by telling of a sunset 'that washed the distant snow capped peaks in a soft cloud of orange-pink.' But most will simply reply 'you have to see it to believe it.'

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A View From The Saddle

Trail rides:
1 hours - $35
2 Hour - $50
3 Hour - $65
All day - $150
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